Thursday, June 12, 2008

Skagen vs. GustBuster

My wife bought a Skagen watch for me on our first anniversary. About a year later the date wheel stopped working, so I took it to the watch store. They sent it to Skagen, who would repair it for free. (Are you taking notes, GustBuster? Free. As in, “the opposite of with cost.”) Skagen looked it over and then told me they couldn’t fix it, so they’d replace it, but they’d discontinued that model, so I had to pick a new model that was the same cost or less. Within a few days I had a new watch in the mail. For free, GustBuster.

Now, six years later, the clasp on that watch is acting up. But I know it will be fine because Skagen takes care of its customers. (Companies that don't take care of their customers do things like charge them shipping and handling for repairing a defective product.) Everyone should run right out and buy himself a Skagen watch.

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Nathan said...

Skagen, the watch company from Denmark that's headquartered in Reno. Gotta love 'em.

I've got one, and I'm pretty sure the warranty excludes the face and band.