Friday, July 04, 2008

"It's All About Hot Dog Management"

We're at my parents house in Saint Louis right now, and their cable TV is like crack for us. I just watched the Nathan's Hot Dog Eating Contest. Fifty-nine hot dogs in ten minutes, and then a five hot dog "dog off" to break the tie. That's some compelling television right there.

Speaking of television, Erin asked if I'd read this month's Ensign yet. That's nice of her to think I read the Ensign before the last week of the month. Actually, I looked through it when it came and I read some highlights of the Eyring article to our kids at supper, but I missed the part about his mother destroying the TV. When I read things to our kids I'm mainly looking for stories of childhood deprivation that can shame our children into not demanding so many toys. That's why we are reading the "Little House" books. We just began These Happy Golden Years last night, and I pointed out to Crazy Jane that when Laura loaded up her belongings to leave home at age 15, she had a change of underwear, a second dress, and her school books. Crazy Jane brought more crap than that on our trip to Saint Louis this weekend.

Title from the play-by-play call of last year's hot dog eating contest.

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Eastman's World said...

Nothing better than Nathan's! I got Justin's Sister's family watching it last year and this year. Other than being totally disgusted, I think they're hooked!