Monday, July 21, 2008

Not Recommended for Everyone But You

How old should a kid be to see a PG-13 movie?

Perhaps you're thinking, "Trick question. The recommended age is right in the rating name." Not so, evidently, as this article features a debate of how old a kid should be to see the new Batman movie (which is already on my nerves with all the "OMG! Heath was amazing! He was like if Sidney Portier and William Shakespeare had a baby, then that baby ate Marlon Brando!"). Here are some opinions:
Chuck Kim (yes, THE Chuck Kim of the Yahoo! Kids team) "recommends kids be 14 or older to see the film."

Christian Bale thinks "starting at about 9, maybe 10 years old may be an appropriate age for kids to be able to deal with this."

Jim Pappas of (which is like the Manchester Guardian for meth-addicts, I guess), "would discourage parents from taking anyone under 12 to see this movie." (the "ca" stands for "white and condescending") says, "3 out of 4 of those components are absolutely not suitable for young children... regardless of how the MPAA rated the movie."

The third commenter in the discussion thread, with user name "tommyrotten," says, "Great movie, not for kids younger than 12." (You know I'm on the cusp of being a serious journalist when I start quoting online personalities the way loves to do.)

The author of the article undoes all this warning by guessing, "there are children of 10 who could not only face down the terror but even discuss some of the film's layered themes." Good work, Dave. Because if there's one thing that American parents need to hear, it's that truly exceptional children can watch this movie without a problem. As all parents these days know, their children are truly exceptional children.

The discussion thread alone is worth the click. Seriously, if you've been feeling like a bad parent lately, maybe wondering if you really are the worst parent on the block, give this link a click, scroll down, and let the self-congratulations begin. Because at least you aren't considering taking your eight-year-old to see "The Dark Knight."

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Cristin said...

Funny you mention this because my friend took her 7 year old to the matinee of Dark Knight this afternoon and I thought that was crazy.