Friday, July 25, 2008

Youngest Grandma - Unverified New Champion

I guess I'm now the arbitrating judge in the competition for the world's youngest grandma, and that's probably as big an honor as I'm going to earn in this life. A few days ago I had a blog comment from a woman named "*~*Heather*~*" (if that's the name her parents gave her, complete with asterisks and tildes, she is also a close second to Tulula Does the Hula From Hawaii for the strangest name competition) on one of my posts regarding incredibly young grandmas. (I TOLD you people it was my largest traffic generator!) Anyway, here's what she said:

I'm 28, I have a 17 yr old son whom I adopted 7 years ago. He informed me last week that he and his girlfriend are 6 months pregnant! They are having a baby girl and she is due on my birthday. I won't even be 30 and I have yet to have any biological children of my own.

Of course this can't be verified at this time, but if it is, I believe it's my official duty to proclaim, "Holy crap!" An exactly 29-year-old grandma beats my current record holder, who was somewhere less than a year older. And *~*Heather*~* is even sort of a success story, what with adopting and all. I just wrote a long-ass paper on adoption (and it better get me an A or someone's going to find himself roughed up, DR. LEWIN!!!), so *~*Heather*~* gets my vote for being a nice human being and for being a young grandma. If she wants to verify her age on the baby's date of birth, I'm sure I'll even send her some sort of prize (disclaimer: cash value of said prize might be very close to zero; in event winner actually receives negative utility from said prize and wishes to return it, A Random Stranger (a wholly-owned subsidiary of Globo-Domination AgriCorp, Ltd.) reserves the right to tell winner, "Suck it!")

So pony up with the documentation and a prize might be in the offing, *~*Heather*~*.

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