Monday, September 01, 2008

Mormons and Democrats, Vol. 4

While I was looking around online for material regarding Heber J. Grant's Prohibitionist views, I came across this page, where a guy has transcribed several sections of the book Presidents and Prophets by Michael K. Winder. It turns out, as impossible as I thought it was, there's been a man who actually hated Franklin Roosevelt more than I do: President Grant. My favorite line is when President Joseph Fielding Smith says of Roosevelt's death, "“there are some of us who have felt that it is really an act of providence." That reminds me of this from the introduction to The Roosevelt Myth, by John T. Flynn:

In April, 1945, [Albert Jay] Nock [author of Memoirs of a Superfluous Man] wrote a cheery letter to two of his friends, describing the death of Franklin Roosevelt as "the biggest public improvement that America has experienced since the passage of the Bill of Rights," and suggesting a celebration luncheon at L├╝chow's. (vii)
Another fascinating bit of Winder quoted by "Geoff B." is how Marion G. Romney reacted to a Deseret News editorial against Roosevelt. Winder should thank "Geoff B." who has made it reasonably certain I'll read Presidents and Prophets now, whereas before I thought the book was basically going to be full of those annoying vapid antecdotes that come out of personal meetings, like when Elvis met Nixon.

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