Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Republican National Convention

I'm up way past my bedtime (8pm Central) watching the convention, making cynical asides to my wife. Right now Rudy Giuliani is speaking. He said McCain had been a POW. I said, "What? McCain? He was a POW?" Then Rudy said, "When I was Mayor of New York," and I said, "Oh, I forgot you were mayor. I wonder if there was some sort of major attack against the city during that time." Also, Rudy is a horrible public speaker. How did he become a major national political figure? I mean, besides 9/11.

My wife is changing my daughter's monthly magnet calendar for September and she asked why it had no Ramadan magnet. I said, "I think you should write to them and suggest it and see if you get placed on a terrorism watchlist."

What's wrong with me? Have I spent too long in Lawrence? I don't think so. I'm not a Republican anymore, but it wasn't me who changed. The party has become a caricature of itself. There are wings of the party that boo single mothers, gays, and foreigners. When Rudy said Obama had an "Ivy League education," I thought it was a boo line.

Sarah Palin is on now, and she just said of her husband, "it makes for quite a package." Can she talk about his package on network TV like that?!

And she just said, "We're going to lay more pipeline." This lady must have used Andrew Dice Clay for a speechwriter!

Tiger Cage! If Persephone and I were making a drinking game out of this broadcast, we'd both be taking a shot right now.

Persephone liked her, I think. I like her, too, but I can't vote for a guy based on the tacit promise that he's too old to last long. Persephone pointed out that his mother was there. This guy could have 20 years left in him!


Kathleen Goodrich said...

I enjoy reading your blog---it is so well written. Hope you keep putting thought into your vote. This is a very important election.

Cristin said...

What I can't figure out is

a) why do Sarah Palin's kids have such strange names? Track? Trig?

b) How do they get that little 4 month old to stay so quiet and well behaved?

Nancy said...

I kept saying to "A Random Stranger" that it was totally unreal that the baby was staying asleep like that. I mean, I would want my kid to be well behaved but in reality he'd have been yanking Cindy McCain's earrings out and screaming. The kids' names are... interesting. Sort of cute, but also a bit weird. "A Random Stranger" is sitting next to me and his understanding is that the kids are named after towns in Alaska... he's heard of Bristol, Piper and Willow, AK. He's looking up the two boy names now but is not impressed with our Alaska map... which means we might be getting a better one soon.

JT said...

I think that at least in part, the child is naturally quiet. He has Down's syndrome, and all of the babies that I have known with Down's were very calm. And he was on Alaska time, so maybe it was a late nap, or possibly the usual bedtime.

I had the same reaction to her speech. It seemed like I was watching a melodrama where I couldn't read the cue cards. Everyone else knew when to boo, but I didn't. I did enjoy the interjection of the "hockey mom" joke. All in all, it was entertainment, but not much different than the old WWF smackdown talk... I was just waiting for the contender to come flying into the ring and take her out with a metal chair.

Rachel Clare said...

I'm laughing at the "package" quote. Really, it was funny.