Wednesday, October 15, 2008

"Because I'm Such a Special Guy"

Once while Googling people I used to know, I found the blog of a woman who is now roommates with a woman I used to know. This blogger girl (who needs a nickname, so I guess I'll call her the Fun Girl) turned out to live a super interesting life. I check back on her blog every month or so now just to see what she's doing in her life.

Why isn't my life like that? Nobody stumbles across my blog and thinks, "Man, I wonder what he's going to do NEXT!"

Here's my day so far:

6:30 AM: My alarms start going off. I have three alarms on my phone, my stand-alone alarm, and my wife's Pampered Chef timer. I stagger their times to be clustered around the time I want to wake up, figuring if I have to turn off several alarms in a row, there's a better chance I'll get out of bed.

8:00 AM: I wake up. My kids wake up and I get ready to walk to the bus. My wife says, since they're all up already, they can just drive me.

8:30 AM: I get dropped off at school. I have all kinds of plans to do a lot of productive work, but I end up spending two and half hours sitting at my desk, talking to my friends. Topics included: whether to call someone a stay-at-home mom, a housewife, or a career mom; Facebook pictures; the greatness of western Pennsylvania; cats, dogs, badgers, horses, and hamsters; optimum interior temperatures; students with bad handwriting; econometrics.

11:00 AM: I go with one of my friends to the lecture for the class we TA for. She gives me a hard time for doing the crossword, the Cryptoquip, and Sudoku instead of taking notes; I give her a hard time for staying up until two last night reading the textbook chapter for a class we're not even taking. I read in the student newspaper about 1. a student who was severely beaten a few weekends ago, 2. a cat mutilator at large in town, 3. the obscene kickoff chant that has more support now that the coach has asked the fans to stop it, and 4. someone's letter to the editor arguing that Jesus is cool with abortion.

11:50 AM: I tell one of my students she got a D-minus on the last test, thereby ruining her Fall Break. Then I have to run to catch my bus, which is about to pull away from the stop without me.

12:05 PM: I get to work. I read some news articles, eat Bumble Bee Sensations Spicy Thai Chili Tuna Medley, and find a Sudoku in the office bathroom book with an incorrect solution in the back of the book.

1:00 PM: I start listening to the "Coffee Break Spanish" podcast while I work on road name maps for a county and three Indian reservations in New Mexico.

Here's what I have planned for the rest of the day:

Finish the road maps and send them to the plotter, which has to be turned off and unplugged before every print job these days.

Take the bus home.

Eat supper with my family.

Read Treasure Island and Mrs. Piggle-Wiggle's Magic to my kids.

Mess around with the TV antenna to see if I can watch the baseball game.

Finish reading The Decline and Fall of Practically Everybody while I watch the game.

Add student numbers to a spreadsheet of grades and resubmit it.

Finish my linear algebra homework (HA HA! If that actually ends up happening before next Tuesday afternoon, I'm a better man than I thought!)

Check Facebook, my e-mail, and my blog to see if anyone had anything to say to me.

See? Nowhere near as cool as Fun Girl's blog. And I can't tell you who Fun Girl is, because then her roommate would know that I Googled her, but just know that she lives a way cooler life than I do.

Title from Weezer's song "Troublemaker."


Cristin said...

Everyone's blogs always make their lives sound way interesting than mine. Reality is that if their lives were REALLY interesting, then they wouldn't have time to blog about how cool they are.

alysonreddick said...

Life is what we make of it. And though some things may seem incredibly exciting, the green pasture may not be on the other side after all. i'd be interested to see what would happen if you blogged on Fun Girl's site to tell her about your blog.

In any case, I will agree that Bumble Bee's Spicy Thai Tuna medley rocks! It is my favorite of the three flavors they have!

JT said...

What a great idea. You can check out my boring day tomorrow. I never get anything done that I want to do.

Erik said...

So who is this fun girl??? Hmmm Indiana jones's girl friend? What was her name again? Maybe you can email it to me to not give away her identity.