Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Math Fail

All right, in my last post I talked about the limit as X approaches five of 1/(X-5). The problem with that is, of course, that that limit is undefined. As X approaches five from the left, the function approaches negative infinity, but as X approaches five from the right, the function approaches positive infinity. For a limit to exist, those two would have to be the same, and they aren't.

I should have said something like "as X approaches five of 1/(|X-5|), which would then make the denominator positive for both X greater than 5 and X less than 5, so the limits would agree. Of course, I could have just not been a dork and avoided trying to make a math joke in the first place, but I have a goal to surpass the Dennis Miller Ratio.

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Erik said...

Hey I learned something by the link you posted. I didn't know what a Donnybrook was...