Tuesday, October 14, 2008

A Random Stranger Presidential Endorsement

All right, fools, as if you care what I think, I'm about to explain my presidential endorsement.

I'm voting for Bob Barr, and I think you should, too.

I had two questions about endorsing Barr: 1. Did he support declared deadlines for leaving Iraq? and 2. Did he support the legalization of banned narcotics? I don't support declared deadlines in Iraq, as it is tantamount to telling Iraqi terrorists (what the New York Times would call "insurgents" or perhaps even "freedom fighters"), "Wait around until this declared date and you win." I also don't support the legalization of all narcotics, but I have to admit that I see little good from the criminalization of marijuana. All it does is make criminals out of people who would otherwise be really easy-going. I've written here before about the Mormon take on Prohibition, and that's really the only reason I have for not saying, "I support the legalization of marijuana." I obviously don't have any figures, but it seems the social costs of alcohol far outpace the social costs of marijuana, and I still don't see how a pro-Prohibition (or perhaps it's "Pro2Hibition") view is in keeping with free agency.

Last week Crazy Jane wanted to have a presidential election in our house. She made a ballot box which commanded "VOT NAW!" Before I cast my ballot I went to Bob Barr's website to see how he felt on Iraq timetables and marijuana legalization. His website specifically says published deadlines for withdrawal from Iraq would be counterproductive, and on marijuana he says the Feds shouldn't interfere with state initiatives. I'm fine with a punt on the pot issue, since I am basically punting myself. So I decided I'll support Bob Barr.

"Why not Barack Obama or John McCain?" Well, Obama is pro-choice, pro-tax (as this Wall Street Journal chart shows) and pro-bailout. McCain is pro-campaign finance reform and pro-bailout. I can't vote for either one of them.

"But shouldn't you vote for one of the two 'main' candidates?" Seriously, do you want me to spit in your eye? I've already written about how meaningless it is to limit your choices to only those you think other people also like. My duty is to vote for the best presidential candidate, and this year, that’s Bob Barr.

The result of the family election: Crazy Jane accidentally voted for Obama and wanted to pull her ballot back out. I told her she couldn't. She said, "You can't tell me what I can't do; this was my idea in the first place." Touché. So she pulled her ballot back out and voted for McCain. (She decided she liked McCain because he looks like a nice grandpa. Shows what she knows!) I voted for Barr. Articulate Joe voted for McCain. Baby X voted (via Persephone) for Obama, and Persephone voted for Palin. So, in a four-way race, John McCain was elected president of our house.


JT said...

Hurray for the Libertarian! I looked at his blog and he looks interesting. Since I have been encouraged by divinity to vote on Prop 8, I may as well throw in my two cents for other issues. Bob Barr has a slightly funny name. Maybe it is funny enough. Not nearly as funny as Juana Boehner (Ohio), btu I can live with that.

The Man Your Husband Is Worried About said...

He prefers it to be pronounced "Baynor," right? But he'll always be "Boner" to me. It makes me nostalgic for "Growing Pains."
Vote for the Moustache: Bob Barr '08!

Cristin said...

I can't stand Obama. I'm going to be sick when he wins. And he'll win.