Saturday, December 15, 2012

Naming Tropes Gone WILD!

I recently* read a friend's** blog where he wrote about TV tropes. One in particular, the "His Name Really Is Barkeep" trope, came to mind this week when I realized my wife's gay relative has a partner by the name of Manfull.

I'm sure it's difficult enough being gay in the world as it is, but being gay with a gay name, well, I can't decide if that makes it more likely the guy would fight the gayness or if it's almost like Fate tying his hands on the matter.

*: Yeah, I'm a month behind on my Google Reader. I've been busy, okay?

**: We've never actually met, but his wife read my blog, recommended his blog to me, and now we comment back and forth a bit. It seems like we'd get along really well if we met in real life, but maybe that would just screw up what we've got going on.

1 comment:

Crank Crank Revolution said...

That site is a rabbit hole of awesomeness.

There is no doubt in my mind we would get along famously. And I'm not saying that in a Manfull way.