Saturday, January 12, 2013

Another Famous Person I Know

Here's the collection of famous people I know: I sort of* went to school with erstwhile suspended linebacker Scott Fujita, I went to high school with the kid from Milk Money who had the germ phobia (I forget whether the three kid actors actually saw Melanie Griffith's breasts, a stand-in's breasts, or no breasts at all), and I had a college calculus class with Tahj Mowry from Smart Guy.

Well, now I can add one more person to the list. I saw an article in November about Jia Jiang and I thought, "I had a college roommate with that name," but since there are billions of Chinese people, and for all I know "Jia Jiang" could be the Chinese version of Dave Anderson**, I wasn't sure.

Until last night, when I read a different news story about Jiang. This story specified that he attended Brigham Young University. That's not a DNA match, but the preponderance of the evidence suggests this is the Jia Jiang I lived with in Provo in 2000.

Here's some of what I remember about him: he's a nice guy who was learning strange English idioms like "raining cats and dogs" and trying to understand them. He laughed when I told him I knew the word "biao-zi" and he taught me how to write its characters. We lived together during the presidential election that year, and he was very interested in understanding what was going on. I once described for him how easy it is to commit voter fraud in America until he expressed too much interest and I reminded him that he'd probably be sent home if he got caught.

So congratulations to Jia Jiang for his novel approach to corporate publicity. I hope his company, Hooplus, does very well.

* = I went to an elementary school that shared a campus with the elementary school he attended.

** = I once had a boss named Dave Anderson. I got a call from a man named Dave Anderson and I faked a reason to transfer him to my supervisor so I could say, "Dave Anderson, I have Dave Anderson on the line and he can help you further."

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