Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Government Money

What's the government spending its money on these days? What are you, some sort of right-wing nut? Why do you want to know? I've already initiated a background check on you, Bircher.

Yesterday in the car I heard an ad from the Federales telling me how to avoid home repair scams. I also heard a traffic report sponsored by HHS.

Today I read that Homeland Security is recommending I stretch before I shovel snow (if I "must" shovel snow).

Tonight I read an NIH study on best condom placement (curiously, "on your wang" wasn't one of the studied options; they're probably saving that for a follow-up grant).

All this money was seized under threat of violence. For a people currently in a tizzy over cultural violence, we sure don't have a problem using it for the most mundane of reasons.

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