Thursday, January 17, 2013

I Could Do 20% More Failing Every Day

There's some discussion on an econ blog I read about what will happen to wages if this crazy-ass new drug doesn't kill us all. The final verdict: who gives a crap when there's something called Modafinil to find out about?!

This ... sounds ... AWESOME. I know what you all can get me for Groundhog Day.

What are the Word of Wisdom implications here? Some articles say it might be habit-forming, but this user says, "It’s habit forming because it works and it makes you better. Any serious man who wants to be better will do everything in his power to be better. Kicking ass is habit forming."

As some of you might know, this blog spent two years or so being called "A Random Stranger IS...Kicking Life's Ass." If I get some Modafinil, life's ass will be in a sling.


Angela said...

This sounds like a nightmare to me on so many levels. Sidenote: I love how the guy had to add that he got into a motorcycle accident in Cambodia, just so we all know that he has been to Cambodia and therfore is very adventurous and cool. It was not just some boring old American motorcycle accident.

Stephen said...

I think Sebastian Marshall is just the pen name for Aleksey Vayner.

The Man Your Husband Is Worried About said...

Both of these comments made me laugh out loud. (I mean REALLY laugh out loud, not fake Internet LOL.)
Angela: American motorcycle accidents are SO lame. Everyone knows the best motorcycle accidents are happening in Cambodia these days.
Steve: Sleep is nothing?