Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Missionary Work Problem

Yesterday I prepared my bag for starting back at school, which included stocking it with religious literature in case I talk to someone who wants to learn more about the gospel of Jesus Christ. But today I read about a teacher who was fired for responding to a student request for religious literature.

This teacher's behavior seems pretty innocuous. He made an allusion to the most-influential work of literature in Western civilization, forgot for several weeks to respond to the student's request to learn more, and then gave his Bible away when the student said he didn't have one. Meanwhile, Los Angeles can't fire sex offender teachers.

I get the feeling that we're at a "give us Barabbas" moment as a nation. From the Democrat National Convention booing God last summer to the preference for molesting teachers over Christian ones, to the National Cathedral's decision to solemnize gay marriages, it's like we're trying to see how much God will put up with.

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The sort-of Republican said...

Agreed. When He finally runs out of patience, I hope he knows I didn't start it.