Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Studio Apostrophe For Rent

Four times each week I drive past a highway sign advertising the presence of a national historic landmark at the home and studio of artist Gari Melchers. This sign reads: GARI MELCHERS' BELMONT.

It's not news to me that the government is too stupid to use an apostrophe correctly. But Melchers's property is owned by the University of Mary Washington. Surely someone from UMW knows this sign is wrong. Why has it not been corrected?

In my younger days, I made a hobby of correcting incorrect road signs. In high school I called the city and had them correct a misspelling in the sign "Rancho Calleguas Dr." and another in the sign "Charter Oak Dr." Then I worked for the city and notified the streets department of a misspelled "Arneill Rd." sign. I called the state department of transportation and had them remove a sign recommending trucks use an exit that had been demolished, and I had them move the city limit sign to the actual city limit. So I guess I should call my commonwealth and get this sign corrected, but I'm relatively new here and don't know how to go about this. I need a long-time Virginia resident with a lot of clout to call this in for me. Because that stupid apostrophe is basically laughing in my face four times each week.

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