Sunday, January 13, 2013

This Article Is Advising Me to Quit the Church

I read a headline today that said the article would tell me ways to get more done. Since I'm currently doing only two things, jack and squat, I figured I could use the advice.

I was not prepared for the implications of the article's first suggestion: Avoid meetings that lack an agenda. It turns out I have to quit being Mormon to be productive?

When the prophet gets up to end General Conference and it's ten-minutes-to-two, no one thinks to himself, "I wonder how long he's going to go." We know we'll be hearing, "This has been the one-hundred-eighty-third annual General Conference..." no later than 2:00:00 PM. But when the same situation presents itself in stake priesthood meeting, all bets are off. And if it happens in ward council, you'd better text your spouse to set your affairs in order, because you might never be coming home.

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