Sunday, January 20, 2013

You'd Expect A Better Return

There was a chart showing annual healthcare costs for different age cohorts, and then people started questioning the chart, then everyone agreed it was crap. Arnold Kling made an attempt to create true data, and here's what he comes up with: over twice as much money is spent each year on the healthcare of an over-85 person as on that of someone in the prime of his productivity.

Some of that is their own money, and if they worked really hard when they were younger so they could afford dialysis when they are older, then that's their right. But lots of that is not their money at all.

Matt Yglesias's first post is entitled "The Case for Death Panels, in One Chart." How about just "The Case for Non-Socialized Healthcare"? We don't have to decide who merits healthcare if it's not "our" bill.

An atheist nation will spare no expense staving off (what they consider) the annihilation of death, and will require those with resources to hand them over for this. The most effective means of lowering healthcare costs would be re-convincing America that death is not the end.

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