Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Advances in Commuting Technology

Evidently Newcastle United Football Club is proposing to add slides to long slopes between the gates of St. James' Park and the subway station. The article notes a slide exists at a Dutch train station, where it is called a "transfer accelerator." (Actually, since it's in Dutchia, it's called a "trjansfjer aksjelerjatjor".)

These actually wouldn't be so crazy if they weren't flush with the ground. Sitting down on something seat-high and getting off something seat-high would be a better fit for commuters. If it's just designed to be a bit of whimsy, or to give kids something to do while their parents take the stairs, then an at-grade slide is fine, but if they actually want to increase the number of people using it, a slight improvement will go a long way.

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