Monday, February 04, 2013

Hi-Tech Traditionalists

At the shuttle stop this morning, I saw a woman in a hijab get out of a car, and then I noticed the driver of the car had her cell phone tucked into her hijab and was having a phone conversation.

A RANDOM STRANGER: Is that your mom?

WOMAN: Yeah.

ARS: That's cool how she uses her scarf to hold her phone.

W [exasperated]: She does it because she knows she shouldn't use a hand-held device while she's driving, but we tell her, 'Mom, your still using a hand-held device.' But she recently got a new iPhone so she thinks she's so cool when she does it.

ARS: I think it's pretty cool.

W: No, but she thinks it is.

ARS: When you get home you can tell her that I agree with her.

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