Thursday, February 14, 2013

Hiding My Squalor

I'm sitting in my office, and just now I was opening my nuts container (not a euphemism) and I accidentally spilled my nuts on the ground (still not a euphemism; will you grow up?!). I gathered them up, and then I had a decision to make. I could eat them or throw them away. Influencing this decision was the presence of a co-worker in the office.

So I took the gathered nuts outside the office to the hallway, where the trashcan is, and I then ate them. While using my free hand to fiddle with the lid of the trashcan so my coworker inside the office would hear the expected noise.

I feel like Lenny Leonard: "Please don't tell anyone how I live."

1 comment:

The sort-of Republican said...

You should just be glad you're not living in Old Testament times. Spilling your nuts on the ground was an offense that was punished by death. He, he!