Monday, February 04, 2013

More Pedantry

I wrote a little while ago about things that are correct that most people think are wrong. (Like correct apostrophe usage, sometimes.) Well, I thought of two more. And since this can be a regular feature, it got its own label.

First, I think I've written before that the preferred English-language way of referring to the nation most people call "the Czech Republic" is "Czechia." (Preferred by the Czech government, that is.) I have trained my kids correctly, but I know anyone else who hears us is going to think we're nuts.

Second, a (singular) schedule for running a meeting is an agendum. (And all the other Latin plurals, like stadia and data.)


Alanna said...

Since you're someone who clearly has a better grasp of grammar rules than I do (and, actually, that's saying something), I have a question for you. My Mom ALWAYS insisted that the past tense of "sneak" was "sneaked" and that all the books and things we read where it said "snuck" were wrong.

Who's actually right here????????

The Man Your Husband Is Worried About said...

Here's something I found regarding this:

Usually when dictionaries list two choices, the first is preferred. It seems unusual to me that society is moving away from a regular verb to an irregular verb; most movement is in the opposite direction (it's easier to remember a rule than a unique vowel change). Maybe it's because there's a similar-sounding irregular verb that people are remembering (like "drink, drank, drunk" leading to "think, thank, thunk")? I don't know. Perhaps it's the verb "to feack."