Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Negotiating With Psychotics

In the run-up to the invasion of Iraq, I read a book entitled The Threatening Storm by Kenneth Pollack. His main argument was that standard diplomacy wouldn't work with Saddam Hussein because the guy was nuts (my term, not Pollack's). Diplomacy requires sanity; you need the other guy to respond rationally to the incentives you create. If he's insane, threats don't deter.

Barack Obama is just such a psychotic.

He's out there saying the sequestration will require air travel to end, criminals to be set free, and teachers to lose their jobs. Rational opposition is saying, "None of that is true." But here's why it is: because he will make it true.

I just heard Newt Gingrich on the radio saying, "There's plenty of room to cut at the Department of Transportation." But Newt is thinking rationally, where the least-painful services should be cut first. Barack Obama thinks perversely, where the worst cuts happen first to "teach" Americans that all cuts are bad.

How do you get people to hate cuts, by shutting down barely-seen services, or by shuttering police departments? It is the Washington Monument Syndrome out of control, with no regard for economic health or physical safety.

The opposition is either unwilling or unable to see Barack Obama for what he is: a political hack with no conscience to hold him back from realizing his agenda. The president wanted sequestration and will make sure it is as damaging as possible, because he has 49% of the American people willing to believe anything he tells them. He can single-handedly destroy the nation (as he is well on the way to doing) and tell his acolytes he had nothing to do with it.

The end of America is going to be painful.

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