Sunday, February 17, 2013

Nothing to See?

New Media has taken exception with the government ordering 1.6 billion rounds of ammunition. So the Federales have dispatched an apparatchik AP reporter to tell us that there's really no controversy here.

DHS says it runs training programs that use "as many as 15 million rounds every year" as reason for it buying 750 million rounds this year. That's a 50-year supply. How many other government programs stockpile a 50-year supply of a material?

The article references SSA's announced purchase of 174,000 hollow point rounds last year. Not to worry, though: it turns out they are for fraud investigators. Because everyone knows a major component of investigating fraud is piercing armor.

This article doesn't actually contain a government explanation at all. At least not a credible one. And to end the article by noting Alex Jones didn't respond to a request for comment makes it seem like he's been shown up, whereas the biggest idiot in this whole story is the AP reporter who just said, "Oh, okay; I knew you probably had a really good reason you needed all those bullets!"

So do I think the Federales are going to put five bullets in every American (and have nearly 100 million rounds left over for shooting into the air on New Year's Eve)? No, but I suspect a 50-year stockpile looks prudent if you suspect your suppliers are about to be put out of business. But the AP tells me there's nothing to see here. Maybe back when the AP was credible, I would have believed it.

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