Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Paragon of American Education

In this informally-written news article ("her professor ... awarded her a big, fat zero for classroom participation") a student is suing her (always a her) university for breach of contract and sexual discrimination because she was given a C+.

As a university professor, no one has made me aware of any "contract" that promises the student a particular degree. But I've had plenty of students who begin finals week by letting me know what grade they "need" to graduate. Like I have a standard I'm supposed to meet. "You gave me a C, but I thought I told you I needed a B. Go back and try harder!"

The problem starts with terminology; students don't receive grades, they earn them. I don't give them a grade, I do the calculating to determine the grade they have earned for themselves. This student has demonstrated a complete inability to function in the modern world without favoritism and privilege (and an inability to perform a proper cost-benefit analysis; she shouldn't be compensated for the entirety of her foregone wages, only what would be in excess of her second-choice profession--which her finance professor father should know).

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FastBreak said...

Now, if you don't meet the minimum qualifications just sue. Seems very American. Why work, when you can sue? Even better, if your Father works at the institution you are sueing it could further legitimize your claim of a conspiracy to get you out of the program. LAME!