Thursday, February 28, 2013

The Stupidest Crayon of All

Several months ago I was cleaning out our crayon box (because our kids don't do a damn thing for themselves), and among all the stubs of blue, green, black, and red, I found the following:

Eleven full white crayons. Some in relatively-pristine condition.

What incentive does Crayola have to keep forcing white crayons on us? They could save money by just removing them from the box, but then people might object to the price staying the same while the quantity went down (but a quick trip to the grocery store shows you that this technique does not lead to an economic standstill). They could replace the white crayon with one we would actually use. One would suspect the cost to them would be identical. And if we assume you buy a new pack of crayons as soon as one gets too warn down, replacing the white crayon with a more-heavily used one could be expected to shorten the time it takes for replacement.

Why does Crayola insist on selling me crayons I don't want?

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Crank Crank Revolution said...

For the record, white crayons are useful when dying eggs for easter. Also: using on black construction paper to make ghosts on Halloween.

Aside from that, I got nuthin, though my 5 year old self was very upset that they didn't act as a crayon eraser.