Sunday, February 10, 2013

Twenty-Eight Days of to Awesome

I didn't do enough prep work in January to hit the ground awesome on February 1st. So I think what's happening is February is when I'm getting my crap together, and by the end of the month, things will be running flawlessly.

Bee tee dubs, I have a bit of a bleg: I'm looking for a to-do-list app that doesn't suck. So far I've tried Remember the Milk and Astrid. My issue with them is that they don't allow me to dismiss an item. Let's say I schedule exercise for every weekday, and then something comes up and I say, "Well, it's not going to work out today." I can't dismiss the item without having accomplished it. That doesn't seem like a very useful to-do list. If any readers have good ones (preferably free), let me know.

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