Friday, February 01, 2013

Wind and the Fear of Freedom

I've mentioned before the discussion I've had with my wife about whether God invented teenagers or not. Once she made her argument, I came to think she's right: society invented teenagers, so God doesn't get the blame.

I was thinking of this today because it was so incredibly windy today, and with teenagers off the list of God's worst inventions, wind moves into the top spot. I hate wind so much. As I told my class today, "If wind was a corporeal thing, I'd stab it in the neck."

But back to teenagers for a moment: I thought today of how the problem with teenagers (an adult's body and adult's capacities but a child's responsibilities) is being extended well beyond the age of majority. The travesty of a healthcare law (cheapest Obamacare plans will start at $20,000 per year) allows "children" to stay on their parents' insurance until they are 30. I thought of how students have been told for years to "stay in school." That advice was given as preparation for the real world, but now it is taken as a dodge of the real world. You never have to go be an adult if you just keep attending class.

Here's how I know we'll never be free again: the average American is scared to death of freedom. Nobody takes care of you. Time was a fully-formed adult could have faith God was doing it, but now that we don't believe in God anymore, we need the government to fill that role. One-third of the heavenly hosts chose Hell over personal accountability. When the Chinese come to take over our country, the rising generation will throw flowers at their feet and cry, "What took you so long?"

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The sort-of Republican said...

Intriguing. I never really saw the parallel before between the Jews in the time of Judges and the Americans in the time of Obama. In both cases, God would be our King, and in both cases, he was replaced by an inferior substitute in the form of a politician. Look where that got the Jews.