Monday, March 04, 2013

Bringing a Tank to a Gun Fight

Here we are, worried that the Federales are buying rounds of ammunition. Meanwhile, DHS is buying tanks.

"Oh, settle down, A Random Stranger; they're light tanks." Sorry. My mistake. Perfectly normal behavior for the domestic security arm of a constitutional republic.

I know Gateway Pundit is not a nationally-recognized news source, but I've lost confidence in nationally-recognized news sources. When you know how complicit they have been on Benghazi, you don't take their silence on a story as evidence of its irrelevance. In fact, given a highly-competitive market, any product differentiation should be welcomed. Lock-step silence on an issue is a strong signal of media bias. They ignore stories they don't like, and when they can't ignore them anymore they write dismissive responses that don't actually respond, like the AP article about why DHS needs a billion bullets.

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