Saturday, March 16, 2013

Math in Church

I've blogged before about how my family creates comics in church (and I have another batch of comics to upload here soon). Well, I also speculate about math in church.

Two math problems always pop out: one is the equation of the sound-dampening architectural features on the walls of the chapel (these sort of pointy rectangles), and the other is this.

When sitting in a pew and looking across the tops of the pews in front of you, the amount of the back of each pew you can see diminishes. What is the equation for the amount of visible pew back, as a function of height above the pew tops of the vantage point, distance between pews, and how many pews away the particular pew back is?

I think that the relationship between and two xis would be logarithmic. But I can't really be bothered to figure out if that's true. First of all, I usually forget about this when I'm not actually in church (I only remember it now because I made some notes in church in 2010 and found them last week when I cleaned my office).

Second of all, it would probably be unseemly of me to bring textbooks and a calculator to Sunday services.

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