Friday, March 15, 2013

The Meaning of "Shortcut"

Very few people, including physicians and dieticians, understand the concept of nutrient-per-calorie density. Understanding this key concept and learning to apply it to what you eat is the main focus of the book--but you must read the entire book. There are no shortcuts.

Dr. Joel Fuhrman, Live to Eat, p. 8.

So reading part of a book won't help me lose weight, but reading the entire book will? Isn't reading a book to lose weight a pretty big shortcut?

Make a clear choice between success and failure. It takes only three simple steps. One, buy the book; two, read the book; three, make the commitment.

Fuhrman, p. 10, emphasis in original.

I'm intrigued how my body will know if I checked the book out from the library, or stood reading it in the book shop. After all, not buying the book short-circuits the entire process, right? That's why it's Step 1?

These two questionable portions aside, I'm enjoying the book. But with so many conflicting diet books out there, how do I know which is telling me the truth? I can't use confidence as an indicator; these authors have enough confidence to make life coaches look like middle school girls. But I think Dr. Fuhrman's book is mostly true because it's telling me what the modern American doesn't want to hear: eat fruit, eat vegetables, and stop eating so much meat, bread, and sugar. See, it turns out all of us already know how to lose weight, we just don't want to do it. So when someone tells us, "My plan allows you to live on a Dr. Pepper I.V.," we all throw money at him because we want it to be true. It turns out to not be true and we say, "I don't believe in anything anymore; I'm going to law school." But Eat to Live passes the believability test, because nobody wants to hear what it has to say.


The sort-of Republican said...

You got cocky with the semicolon and you made a rookie mistake with the apostrophe.

I can't use confidence as an indicator; these authors have enough confidence to make life coach's look like middle school girls.

The Man Your Husband Is Worried About said...

If I correct it, I'll look like I'm Bowdlerizing my blog.