Saturday, March 16, 2013

Tool of Oppression

I used to work in city government, until I came to dislike being a tool of oppression. I felt the police power, the right to use violence, was too important to use against those who painted their homes unapproved colors or turned their garages into rec rooms.

When I have to complete a captcha that involves reading a grainy picture, I have the feeling again. They usually are pictures of house numbers taken from the street, and are motivated either by enhancing control over the population or by generating money for the captcha creator. So I'm either a police state stooge or a corporate stooge. Neither one is appealing. All I wanted to do was comment on a blog.

PS: "So then why do you use captchas for your comments, A Random Stranger?" Because when I don't, I get Chinese-character porn link comments. I tried turning them off after a while and the comments came back. (Now, if the totalitarian-industrial complex was really smart, they would be behind the Chinese-character porn links, keeping us from refusing to fill out their captchas for them.)

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The sort-of Republican said...

Most of us are not self-aware enough to realize that we are a tool.