Thursday, March 07, 2013

Using Math to Lose Weight?

Cleaning my office turns up all KINDS of useless things!

For instance, about a year ago I saw a report that said you should use plates with a colored border to help control your portion size. The idea is that you fill your plate, and the colored border is not seen as part of the plate, so you leave it empty.

This intrigued me, so I came home and measured our plates. Our typical dinner plate at the time had a surface area of 53.429 in2. The uncolored central portion of the plate, though, only had an area of 44.156 in2, which is only 82.64% of the plate.

We've gone one better and switched which plates we regularly use. Now we use plates with a surface area of only 33.166 in2, which is 62.07% of the total area of the larger plates.

I wish I could end this post by saying, "And then the pounds melted away!" They didn't. But I think I've been making slow progress, which is pretty good for over the winter months of relative inactivity.

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