Monday, April 01, 2013

It's Uter-US, Not Uter-YOU

I know a woman whose car features the bumper sticker "Two hands working can accomplish more than 1000 clasped in prayer." What is the point of this? If she thinks working is so valuable, then she's free to work. If she thinks working is more valuable than prayer, then she could advocate a kind of "why don't you work AND pray" approach. But instead she decided to insult those who believe in prayer by equating it with wishing. (Probably worse than wishing, because at least wishing has The Secret behind it, right?) It seems to me she's not trying to increase working hands so much as decrease praying ones. Why would she care how many hands are clasped in prayer?

The same woman has another bumper sticker (she has a lot of them) that demands I mind my own uterus. As if it is the uterus that is the actual point of the argument. Is she really so self-centered that she thinks this is only about her uterus? I don't want to control her uterus, but I think killing children is wrong. (But to hear all those anti-Komen people scream it, Planned Parenthood is only about "women's health," right? Funny how you might get a different opinion when you hear their spokeswoman say a woman should be allowed to kill a delivered baby.) "Mind your own uterus" makes an abortion the equivalent of a tattoo or a piercing, and denies men any say at ALL on the life or death of their offspring. After all, none of my children were carried in MY uterus, were they?

Another woman I know commemorated Easter on Facebook by posting something to the effect that true compassion is a desire to save others from a belief in an imaginary friend. For the sake of argument, let's grant that God is make-believe; why do I need "saving" from this error? It's not like "I believe sticking a knife in an electrical outlet is harmless," an error that actually poses a threat. It's more like "I believe basketball is superior to baseball," an error that poses no threat at all.

These women would also argue in favor of "tolerance." Why are they intolerant of my belief in prayer, my belief abortion is killing, and my belief in God?

Post title a quotation of Homer J. Simpson.

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