Tuesday, April 02, 2013

Magic Baby

Yesterday I was scanning through some radio stations and I heard a bit of a song that the Interwebs have told me is Keith Urban's "Kiss a Girl." The lyrics I heard were

I wanna kiss a girl

I wanna hold her tight

And maybe make a little magic baby

Doesn't making a little magic baby sound awesome?! I'm not imagining so much Baby Harry Potter--after all, all his magickness certainly didn't help James and Lily that much--I'm thinking more like how I imagine* the baby functions in The Hangover. I want a magic baby that can get me out of parking tickets, help my favorite sports teams win, and dispense hilarious comeuppances on my enemies (and I have a lot of enemies, so this baby is going to have to be SHARP, not one of those soft American magic babies that is always too tired to do squat).

Where does Keith Urban get off thinking he should have a magic baby? Isn't his life nice enough as it is? I mean, aside from the whole drug rehab bit of it. He's married to one of the most beautiful women in the world. He's got enough money that he can just do all the things I want a magic baby to do for me. He doesn't need a magic baby. I do.

I don't really think any of my previous kids would count as a "magic" baby. They can make money disappear pretty quickly, but it's not quite "magic." It's more "slight of hand." One minute it's there, and the next minute you're so broke you're thinking you might have to move to Idaho.

* = I "imagine" because I haven't seen the movie, or a complete trailer. But I've seen the movie poster featuring Zack Galifianakis wearing a BabyBjörn, and that told me everything I need to know. He and Will Tippin and Andy Bernard live like frat boys with a baby in tow, right? It seems like I've seen that movie before. So which one is filling the Steve Guttenberg role?


Unknown said...

hey i'm new to this Blog thing and i would like to follow your blog but I don't know how, could you tell me how to do so please.

One more thing if you could tell me if people are able to follow me could you please do that too thank you

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The Man Your Husband Is Worried About said...

Yes, there's a way to follow me, but I'm not exactly sure what that is. I know in my sidebar under "People Who've Agreed to Take a Bullet for Me" there's a "join this site" option, but I know there are other options in Blogger, too, and there's always the option of adding my blog address to an RSS (like Google Reader, but Reader is shutting down in July, so don't use that one).
Under your dashboard you can also see who's following you. Again, I'm not quite sure where it is, but I know I've seen it before.