Tuesday, April 16, 2013

The Coming of Bill by P.G. Wodehouse: Highlights

These are the parts of the book I liked. If that's not interesting to you, suck it. Nobody's making you read this.

"It happens only too often that the uplifter of the public mind is baulked by a disinclination on the part of the public mind to meet him or her half-way. The uplifter does his share. He produces the uplifting book. But the public, instead of standing still to be uplifted, wanders off to browse on coloured supplements and magazine stories." p. 1

"A bearer of sensational tidings likes to spread a certain amount of dismay and terror...." p. 38

"Kirk looked at his son and heir, who was submitting at that moment to be bathed. He was standing up. It was a peculiarity of his that he refused to sit down in a bath, being apparently under the impression, when asked to do so, that there was a conspiracy afoot to drown him." p. 68

"Even to his wife a man is not always eager to exhibit his soul in its nakedness." p. 87

"She had none of that reverence for the great and the near-great which, running to seed, becomes snobbery." p. 104

"Her father had cried, her brother Jim had cried, her brother Terence had cried, and her brother Mike had cried in a manner that made the weeping of the rest of the family seem like the uncanny stillness of a summer night; but she had not shed a tear." p. 139

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