Wednesday, April 17, 2013

What Am I Trying to Maximize

Everyone's always trying to maximize something. I'd say this conviction is borne of my profession as an economist, but I'm not an economist. I'm a ZMP worker.

What am I trying to maximize? The way I see it, I have one responsibility: see to it that my children are saved in the Kingdom of God.

Things that increase the likelihood of that happening are to be embraced. Things that decrease the likelihood are to be shunned. And things that don't have any bearing on the likelihood don't really matter.

So how much am I going to fight to defend liberty? Not that much at all. You don't need a constitutional republic to receive salvation. Plenty of Christians have lived their lives under various aliberal regimes. And what makes it more likely that my children will learn the commandments of God: having a father in jail because he refused to follow unjust laws, or having a law-abiding father at home with them?

I love the freedoms acknowledged by (not "granted by") the Constitution, but I'm not going to sacrifice my family's well-being to protect any freedoms that are ultimately unnecessary for me to be successful at my one responsibility.

I know this is how tyrants remove opposition: they get people with families to give in because these people love their families more than they love freedom from tyranny. I have a number of books that will be banned when it comes to it, and I won't risk imprisonment to protect them.

If I'm not going to resist tyranny, I don't really need high-capacity magazines, do I? "What about when they come to kill your kids, A Random Stranger?" I already told you, I'm not here to maximize the lengths of their lives.

Of course, despite what the modern world would tell you, there are things worse than death. I will fight to protect my family from those things, because I believe those things decrease the likelihood that their victims will be saved (GIANT NOTE: not because the victims are unclean, but because of the crimes' creation of destructive thought-processes in their victims). But one person cannot stop a society bent on abusing his kin. Just ask Lot, who required supernatural intervention.

So I need to qualify for Zion, for the protection that will be offered there. Which means I have to get the right attitude about money and things. And now the whole thing becomes hopeless. When you know how badly I want this belt buckle, you know I can't possibly be of "one heart and one mind" with anyone. I'm as good as destroyed by the roving hoards of death squads that await all of us who refuse to give up Mammon.


The sort-of Republican said...

I realize that it misses the point you are making by such a wide margin that one could argue I wasn't even TRYING to understand you, but...

That belt buckle would look SA WEET on you. Birthday present?

benniegirl said...

I've thought something along these lines. When I watched several documentaries on our country's finances and financial leaders in our country, I was outraged & couldn't believe there wasn't some kind of revolution over it. However, when I asked myself if I would be a part of that revolution, I knew I wouldn't because it's not worth my kids having their mother in jail. Also, you have no idea how insightful your "GIANT NOTE" is...or maybe you do and that's why you wrote it but many people don't grasp that.

The Man Your Husband Is Worried About said...

Bodie: I wasn't trying to hand over to you the guilt for my consumerism.
Benniegirl: Thanks for the nice comment. I'm one who does more damage with my post-event thinking than any event itself could do, so I know it's important to avoid.