Tuesday, March 03, 2015

Mr. Netanyahu Goes to Washington

I watched a recording of the Netanyahu speech to Congress from yesterday (or earlier today; I don't really get how time works now that I live in China). It's the type of great speech that a leader makes. I especially appreciated how he wasn't advocating replacing the proposed deal with a military response, but instead advocated a different negotiation plan.

Anyway, I had three thoughts that I wanted to share.

  1. "They need the deal a lot more than you do." - Netanyahu

    But not more than Obama does. Obama's narcissism requires him to do things that mere mortals can't. Every president since 1979 has failed to negotiate a deal with Iran. He's going to negotiate one, no matter the substance, and use its existence as evidence that he's a greater president than them all.

  2. "I know that America stands with Israel." - Netanyahu

    Really? Because I don't know that. This week I've read about a former national security adviser advocating an armed response to Israel attacking Iran, and the UCLA student council rejecting a girl's membership because she's Jewish. Over forty members of Congress boycotted the speech, the vice president and the secretary of state weren't available, and the president made a point not to listen.

  3. At the five-minute mark of the video embedded above, the woman whose job it is to say "President Pro Tempore" can't say it correctly. This tells you everything you need to know about modern America.

A side point about Obama's lawlessness: the Constitution explicitly requires treaties and agreements to be ratified by the Senate. Is it a surprise to you that Obama has argued that he does not have to submit any agreement with Iran to the Senate? House Republicans want to pass a bill requiring Obama to follow the Constitution. What did he recently say about such bills? "They can have that vote. I will veto that vote...."

Rush Limbaugh says he expects Obama to fast-track the agreement now. I agree.

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