Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Scenes of Domestic Bliss

A RANDOM STRANGER: You're the laziest woman I've ever met. And I've met [Crazy Jane].

MY WIFE: I bet there's a conference talk about not calling your wife lazy, either*. I don't call you lazy when you play your iPad game.

A RANDOM STRANGER: That's not lazy. Conquering the world is hard work. Who's ever accomplished it? Alexander the Great? Failed. Adolf Hitler? Failed. [A Random Stranger]? Once a day!

CRAZY JANE: [laughing throughout]

* = As I remember it, one Saturday I was dismayed by the lack of cleanliness around the home. I called our kids lazy for never cleaning after themselves. Then I went out the door to watch a session of General Conference at church. In the session, President Hinckley said, "Brethren, don't ever call your children lazy." I came home and called the kids to me and said, "President Hinckley said I'm not supposed to call you lazy, so I'm sorry." Articulate Joe (who was not yet speaking at the time) hugged my leg and ran away.

However, I can't find the conference talk now. It happened while we lived in Kansas, I know that, which limits it to five conferences (between our moving there and President Hinckley dying). I've looked through all of President Hinckley's talks from those five conferences and none of them is it. So maybe it was a Worldwide Training Broadcast, but I don't know where to find archives of those.

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