Sunday, March 01, 2015

Two Small Items

1. Back to teaching today. At the end of last term, I sent my students an angry message about their behavior. One thing I mentioned was that we would now have a complete ban on classroom technology. (Various articles about such an idea can be found here and here and here and here; men went to the moon with pencils and slide rules.) Anyway, today I asked, "If we sealed the doors and made our classroom its own economy, does the fact that we only have 500 yuan among us mean that we couldn't make and sell computers?" One student hastily spoke up, "None of us have any computers with us!"

2. I just had this IM conversation with my wife.

ME: If you want to meet me tomorrow at 11:30 we can go together and see if we have to pay any money on your phone, too. We could get something for lunch while we were out. If not, we don't have to.

MY WIFE: sure. that sounds fun (i'm trying to forget our first trip to the phone store.) :-)

MY WIFE: That sounded sarcastic. I was trying to say, yeah, that sounds like it'll be fun. No sarcasm.

ME: I don't read sarcasm into your IMs, although knowing you, I probably should.

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