Wednesday, April 01, 2015

[A Random Stranger]'s Law of Ignorance

I believe I've written before about this truth of life: it's easier to be charitable when you don't pay attention. I read (church-related) books in sacrament meeting, and as a result, I haven't heard a bad sacrament meeting talk in years.

Also in the realm of things I think I've blogged about (but I'm too lazy to verify) is the stake conference priesthood session I attended where our stake president said he'd been at a dinner where an apostle told his fellow diners that we should take it easy on Harry Reid and try to understand where he's coming from.

Combining these two items leads to this result: I studiously avoid reading articles about Harry Reid.

But then sometimes I don't, because I'm a crap person. So yesterday morning I read Breitbart News's analysis of Harry Reid's bathroom and how the laws of physics seem to show Reid's explanation of his eye injuries is non-credible, and then today I read an article about Reid's contention that he's not sorry for lying about Mitt Romney's taxes because it brought about the election result he wanted.

If you would like to at least maintain your current level of charity for Harry Reid, I would recommend against you reading these two articles. Just keep on not paying attention.

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