Monday, April 20, 2015

If I Were a REAL Substitute, All the Kids Would Call Me "Mr. M"

When a teacher is absent here, the other teachers are the substitutes. Last Thursday I substituted in a German class, where I said, "Sie können zusammenarbeiten," and the students said, "In English, please." Today I substituted in Music Composition, where I know absolutely nothing, so I just made jokes no one found funny, like, "It would be highly appropriate for you to report that I was the best substitute you've ever had. Make sure to add, 'And that's not hyperbole.'"

Anyway, when I was in the music teacher's room, I sat at his desk and graded papers. (My own papers; I'm not actually the best substitute ever.) And sitting at the teacher's desk was how I couldn't help but see some awkward mail he'd received.

Honestly, I kid you not, it was in a place of prominence, like where someone would leave a note they absolutely wanted to make sure someone read. And it was a rejection letter from a credit card company.

It gets more awkward.

Because they specifically noted that he was turned down for a low FICO score.

It gets even more awkward.

Because it included a bullet-point list of the reasons his FICO score is low. (I know, I could have not read the whole thing, but he also could have been a little more discreet with it.)

At this point, I didn't know if I should leave it out or cover it up. If I left it out, when he comes back, he'll realize what happened. But if I covered it up, and he remembers that it wasn't covered up, he'll also realize what happened.

It's probably not that big of a deal; there's a reason all these residents of the Teachers' Lounge of the Damned came to China, and for most of them, it probably has something to do with money. (As my wife likes to indelicately phrase things, "Everyone here is running away from something." Then she adds as an afterthought, "Except you.") I'd be shocked if this teacher is the only one to get a credit rejection this year. But I still don't want him to realize that he left this letter out for all his substitutes to read.

I ended up leaving it alone. I figured it was best to leave things exactly how he left them. We'll see tomorrow if this was a poor decision or not.

Bee tee dubs, my FICO score is awesome right now, thank-you-very-much. But that actually makes it worse that I saw this letter because I can't be, like, "I feel ya, cuz." Or whatever the kids say these days to signal commiseration.


Nancy said...

I say "running from something," or "up for adventure." We're up for adventure.

Nancy said...

Have you tried to comment on your blog lately, I just had to select other pictures of pasta.