Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Which of These Adults Is Abusing Children?

Candidate 1: Maryland parents who allow their children to walk around town unaccompanied.

Candidate 2: Kentucky parents who have been anonymously accused (in a shout-out to Franz Kafka, perhaps?) of living in conditions which were good enough for tens of millions of Americans in the 1800s. (There's no mention of health problems, just poor "conditions.")

Candidate 3: A UCSD professor who requires he be allowed to see a student naked for the student to pass his class.

In the time I spent as a college professor, I did not have a nudity component on the syllabus. But I guess I could have, huh?

Honorable mention goes to the Maryland police who detained the free-range children for hours. Although there's a kind of perverse logic to telling parents "see, when your kids walk around alone they can be abducted, as we just demonstrated."

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benniegirl said...

I have mixed feelings about the UCSD professor-most commenters think "mom should butt out and let the daughter deal with things alone", "it's an adult class that adults choose voluntarily", etc. However, having been a young college student before, I might suggest that it's a tender age in which there is still a good deal of peer pressure and not always the best judgment. Just because somebody is a legal adult doesn't mean they are fully prepared to deal with every situation. This particular daughter TOLD her mom about what was going on in class-she probably has a better relationship with her mom than the other students. Many may say that isn't cool but it is probably the wisest way to transition to true emotional adulthood (if she has a decent mom). The mom is anonymous so for all we know she just wants people in general to be aware that this is happening. I'm surprised that nobody seems to be wondering if this is appropriate behavior for a professor. The article references many students who said it was a good experience and that people who aren't in the class don't fully understand...if it has to be justified, is the behavior truly appropriate to start with? But enough about that. In the end, it's an optional class. Students (who are adults) are notified about the assignment early on and are offered a chance to drop the class so the bottom line is that if they choose to stay, their involvement with the assignment is a choice. I lean toward sympathy for the Kentucky parents who are choosing a simpler lifestyle but on the radio this morning, they made a good point-the parents are promoting an off-the-grid lifestyle & running a website & updating their facebook status. Seems a little ironic but to each their own. "We refuse to have flushing toilets but can't live without social media." I probably should never comment because I get off on tangents-I mostly read girl blogs that are about crafts & families & cooking (& I do care about those things). However, you write about news & events and I get a bit carried away so block my comments any time. :)