Sunday, June 14, 2015

Chinese Grocery Store Pictures

First up, we have the mustard with anti-theft devices.

Next, we have the check-out-line condom display. Let's see, which condom sounds more appealing, "Fetherlite," or "Tight"?

Then, since the condoms in the check-out-line are at kids' eye-level, the Screamapilar pointed out to us the adjacent Jissbon package with the adorable cartoon condom on it. Seriously, it's like they are marketing these things to preschoolers. (Except that in the background is a woman's hand grabbing a dude's tool.)

Finally, even though this blog post title promises only items from the grocery store, I'm not disclosing anything earth-shattering when I say that I'm a bad blogger, so here's something from McDonald's. (Our McDonald's is right next door to our grocery store, though.)

Anyway, our McDonald's has been advertising this pineapple ice cream treat for months. Every time we get up to the counter and show the woman a picture of the ad, she tells us they can't possibly be expected to make something like that. EXCEPT LAST TIME! This last time she turned around and started trying to make our order. Then she left her tiny booth (the dessert workers are in a cubicle with a walk-up window) to ask someone about it, then she came back and told us she couldn't make it. But at least this time she THOUGHT she might be able to! (The next evening my wife and I saw two people walking away from McDonald's eating things that look like the pineapple item. Perhaps it is possible, after all!)

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