Sunday, June 28, 2015

"I Can Show You the World"

Ladies in China are all about their legs. Short skirts and short shorts are the orders of the day. Sometimes that's nice, but As a married man, I am constantly offended, and sometimes it's downright unattractive. Yesterday, riding home from church on the subway, I was sitting (a rarity) next to my wife (a double rarity). Across from us sat a squat little woman in a short dress. The sitting pulled her dress higher, and then her manspreading (also a rarity here in China, unlike the "epidemic" American media makes it seem to be in New York) pulled it higher still. As we rode along, she began to slump down in her seat more. I said to my wife, "Why is this lady trying so hard to show us her junk?" My wife said, "Yeah, I don't know."

Just then, the lady across from us got an itchy shin. So she lifted her left leg up to allow her right hand to reach it without having to remove her shoulders from the seat back. The timing was such that my wife and I both laughed.

In America, the explanation would be that she was perving on us somehow, that she was satisfying an exhibitionist urge. But the look on this lady's face didn't support that. She wasn't thrilled by showing off for us; she wasn't even aware she was doing it. She was an unattractive lady with bad posture and an itchy calf.

I was reminded of the words of Barry Zuckerkorn: "It's never the ones you hope."

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