Tuesday, June 02, 2015

Life, the Hologram, and Everything

There are some things that people just hate having to think about. My oldest son can't stand thinking about The Simpsons episode "Trilogy of Error," specifically the scene where Homer gets his thumb cut off. Any mention of this and he covers his ears and hums until he's sure the topic has passed.

For me, it's juggalos, and for my wife, it's the prospect that the universe is a hologram. Whenever I mention an article about the idea, she says, "I don't want to think about it."

The particular article to which I linked above is interesting to me because the one co-author, Dr. Daniel Grumiller, references Plato's Cave by way of explanation. Just like the shadows on the cave aren't the things themselves, the universe we see might just be the visual effects of the "real" universe we don't see.

The Plato's Cave analogy is especially apt, but it's more because of what Dr. Grumiller doesn't mention, what Paul Harvey might call "the rest of the story." Namely, how the people in the cave kill the reporter with the accurate information about the false nature of their understanding of their universe. That part might be worth remembering before Dr. Grumiller writes any more papers that freak out people like my wife.

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