Monday, June 22, 2015


Something I noticed while reading Bruce R. McConkie's Mortal Messiah series was the man's penchant for using words as non-obvious parts of speech. Today I came across an example in Ronald D. Siegel's Mindfulness Solution.

The sentence is this:

Research documents changes in both inner experience and outward behavior resulting from mindfulness practice. (p. 33)

As I read this, I thought "research" was an adjective and "documents" was a plural noun. Then I got to the supposed verb, "changes," which didn't agree in number with the subject, and the entire sentence fell apart. It turns out the first word was the noun, the second was the verb, and the third was a plural noun.

There's nothing wrong with a sentence like this, other than it's just not using words the way my brain would use them.

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