Monday, June 22, 2015

My Wife's Birthday (Actual)

I woke up and did some yoga while my wife slept. (I know, dudes who do yoga are totally ridiculous/gross/sad, but I've recently started and I think the reason I'm okay with it is because I already was ridiculous/gross/sad.) Once we were up and dressed, we went to our hotel's breakfast. It was a great combination of Chinese and western food. After we ate and I checked out, we walked back home to drop off our suitcase and head out for the next portion of our plans. On the walk home, we stopped at Dairy Queen and bought an ice cream cake for later.

The kids were fine, so we left for lunch. Another bus ride (the third one of the weekend) and then Line 6 all the way across town to eat lunch at Home Plate Texas BBQ.

The only disappointment of the weekend: ¥20 for a 12-ounce can of A&W Root Beer. But I like my wife and she likes root beer. The pulled pork was great, though.

We took a cab to the Pearl Market. When the guy dropped us off right outside the door, my wife said, "Cabs are so convenient!" I was not trying to develop her taste for expensive transportation.

A woman from church told us to go to a particular vendor and tell her, "Julie sent me." Our experience, though, is that people often think this type of introduction is sufficient when it is not. Ninety-five percent of the time you should expect to hear, "Julie who?" So my wife made sure I had a picture of this church friend on my phone before we went. However, as soon as we told the vendor, Nancy, that Julie had sent us, Nancy said, "I love Julie! She's my best friend!" And lest we think she was just a very effective saleswoman (which nevertheless she turned out to be), she then told us all kinds of details about her relationship with Julie to prove we were talking about the same person.

My wife selected a black pearl, and then we had to select a setting and a chain. Eventually we left with this.

Fearing that my wife was getting too used to traveling by cab, we rode the subway home.

Finally home for the day, we finished our evening with the ice cream cake.

Although it looks like all we did was take pictures of it (and pictures of taking pictures), we did, in fact, end up eating it.

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