Tuesday, June 09, 2015

Off the Record

Faithful reader Alanna has commented:

So I was teaching Sunday School this last week and the lesson we're on was "Woe Unto Ye Hypocrites!" and I found your definition on hypocrisy [from here - ED.], which I really liked, and was all set to use it, but then before I could, Craig raised him hand and talked about how he really liked the definition you gave. So your blog has become like scripture. Which is probably why they released me the very same Sunday...!
I was going to note that anyone who quotes my blog in church should expect to be released immediately, but maybe that's exactly what you want to have happen. In which case, quote away!

Maybe I'll go all John Dehlin and start teaching my own alternative doctrine. Who wants to contribute money to my bank account Mormon outreach program?

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benniegirl said...

We have to move to get released from teaching Sunday School-it really would have been handy to have known this sooner.