Tuesday, June 23, 2015

"Temptation, Frustration / So Bad It Makes Him Cry"

Everything I have to blog about today is negative. And Gretchen Rubin says in The Happiness Project that writing or speaking your frustrations doesn't make them better. So I guess that means no blog post today.

But yesterday I read this article that says I'm supposed to write down negative thoughts. So here's at least a list of topics that could have been the star of this blog post if I wasn't trying to not focus on my negative thoughts.

  • My relationship with God.
  • My relationship with my parents.
  • My dissertation.
  • My school's management.
  • My school's schedule.
  • My local government's authoritarianism.
  • My national government's authoritarianism.
  • My personal finances.
  • My school's bait-and-switch approach to costs and fees.
  • My children's teeth.
  • My family's health and nutrition.
  • My jackass extended family member.
  • My poor performance in my church calling.

I think that's all of them.

Post title from The Police song "Don't Stand So Close to Me."

1 comment:

Alanna said...

With that song line, I was afraid this post was going to be about you having an affair with one of your students. I can handle everything else on the list and still like you as a person, but I wouldn't have been okay with an affair. Your wife is too cool for that.

Glad we can still be friends!