Sunday, July 26, 2015

Annihilism Road Trip

Sometimes I have to really hunt around for blog post material. And other times it finds me. This is an instance of it finding me.

Motorists in Minnesota endangered humans to help save ducks. And at the end of it all, the spokeswoman for Minnesota State Patrol, Lt. Tiffani Nielson, is probably going to have to apologize for her insensitive comments.

First, she says motorists shouldn't stop on a freeway to save baby ducks. Then, in an attempt to implicate the entire legal system in her wanton heartlessness, she says, "if there was a crash which resulted in a fatal or serious injury, a driver who stopped for ducks potentially could face a criminal charge." I knew it! Institutionalized anthrocentricism! Every annihilist who thinks animals are more important than people because "at least animals aren't destroying the planet" did one of those gag spits with his morning local grown sustainably-raised coffee. "Someone needs to put the THYTH-tem on trial!" lisps Pajama Boy.

Here's Nielson's self-damning conclusion:Nielson said it becomes the value of a person versus the value of an animal or wildlife and that a person outweighs the value of ducks.How could you, Lt. Nielson?! How COULD you?!?!

Just a reminder: this incident occurred in Minnesota. I watch that video and I count 11 separate drivers who made a terrible driving decision that risked human life to save duck life. Ducks descended from a duck mother who a)led her brood into the middle of a freeway and b)tried to get them all run over by 11 separate drivers. In other words, ducks with the genes of an idiot. The Minnesota duck population is now stupider because the progeny of this idiot duck survived. But anytime you feel the need to kill a human baby, well, who are we to stop you? It's your God-given right to kill babies. Benjamin Franklin spat in King George's face to make sure you could kill every baby you might ever want to kill (so long as it's not a duck baby; duck babies deserve protection).

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